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The Rise Up 


Humble Beginnings

By Jayden Wilson - Rise Up Catering Founder & Head Chef

"All I wanted to do is help others. But for the longest time I struggled with the ‘how’ of helping. Well, now I have found my ‘how’: Rise up Catering.

I realised I had a skill I was taking for granted. I have been a chef since I was 14 and cooking has always been something I enjoyed and had a natural talent for.


However, it wasn’t until I experienced Rehab in 2016 that I began to realise that many people struggle with cooking and food preparation skills. The consequence is that they rely on poor quality food, buy expensive items and don’t know how to make the most of the quality food they do purchase.

So now I'm on a mission to equip others with skills in the kitchen so they can provide healthy, delicious and cost effective meals for their family. Our mission is to educate others in food safety, effective use of leftovers, skills in grocery shopping, meal planning and much, much more.


Whether the context is a school, Rehab Centre, or community group; becoming skilled in the kitchen and building confidence, community and connection is what we believe is possible and achievable.

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"Our mission is to educate others in food safety, effective use of leftovers, skills in grocery shopping, meal planning and much, much more."

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"I was once a drug addict, now my mission is to stand at the top of a cliff creating signposts pointing to a new way empowering others to step into their destiny."


- Jayden Wilson

We have a vision is to see one million lives changed by 2025.


Join us on this journey and let's remove fear and restore a sense of enjoyment and excitement around cooking!


Let’s set families up to win through cost-effective and nutritious meals. Let’s empower people to become free to explore their own cooking journey.

You can help too! Here are some ways.


We offer event Catering for birthdays, weddings, business meetings, conferences.


By working with us you will be supporting a social enterprise that is giving back and supporting changed lifestyles in your local community.

·You can sponsor or host one of our cooking class events. Why not let us train and equip your community so they can save money, learn new skills and connect in a new way?


Why not sponsor someone directly to attend our class, learn a new skill and broaden their horizons?

 You can also sponsor one of our staff members directly to learn new employment skills, gain a sense of empowerment, and break away from unhealthy lifestyles.

You can help us set families in your community to win.


Would you like to help us set families up to win?